I dig Degas: Happy Valentine’s day!

Sweet and Spotty - Museum of Fine Arts - Happy Valentine's Day! and Anniversary to all the ROMANTICS out there!

A year ago yesterday, there was a huge blizzard in Boston (sounds a little too familiar right now for my fellow Bostonians).  I was supposed to meet this guy that I had been talking to via that silly online dating app.  I hadn’t been on a date in a few months and I really didn’t want to meet this guy.  It’s just another disappointment, and therefore a really inefficient use of time.  So I canceled.  I told him the weather was too crazy, and my car was going to be towed because I was parked on the street.  He replied with, “but I won’t be able to give you your gift!”

I was out to brunch with some of my friends and they were absolutely swooning over the fact that he got me something for our first date, and that he came all the way from New York City to meet me. Needless to say, they MADE me reschedule.  They physically typed in the words “Let’s meet tomorrow then” and hit send.  Ugh.  I still got to pick the time and place though.  Noon at the MFA, which he had never heard of.  He thought MFA was a degree in Fine Arts.  This was going to be interesting.

I didn’t shower before meeting him.  I showed up at the MFA a little before noon with dirty hair, wearing yoga pants, my riding boots and a black tshirt.  I wasn’t excited and he was late.  I looked around the gift shop for the billionth time and made friends with an older man sitting on a bench waiting for his granddaughter.

My date finally showed up, wearing Timberland boots (judgement) and carrying my gift in a grocery bag.  The older man said something silly and wished us well.  He was a nice old man.

Jeff gave me my gift:  Girl Scout cookies.  Lemonades to be exact.  Jeff knows they’re my favorite, as well as my cat’s!  Lemonades and General Gao’s chicken are like crack to my little Miles.  He offered me the little box of conversation hearts he picked up at the ticket counter but I already had one.

Jeff had never been to an art museum before but he was very open minded about it.  He actually participated when I made comments about the art, and told me little fun facts that were along the same topic.  Like in the nautical art room, ” I know I’m supposed to like it, but I hate seafood.”  It was really nice.  We went around the whole museum once, decided to try to look for some other exhibits farther off the beaten path and ended up going through the museum two more times!

He still had two hours before he had to leave to visit his mom in New Hampshire so we decided to go out for a late lunch/ early dinner and drinks.  I didn’t want it too be too corny, it was Valentine’s Day and it was only our first time meeting, so I took him to THE Boston sports bar: Cask ‘n Flagon, holding hands as we walked through the Back Bay Fens.

Dinner wasn’t nearly as awkward as all the other diner dates I had been on.  The conversations we had were much less formulaic, I couldn’t just give him my well practiced elevator speech.  We laughed A LOT.  And afterwards we went through our conversation hearts from the museum.  I picked my favorite one, because it was very true of my own preference.

We left the bar and got on the subway, where we were definitely the obnoxious couple making out to any of the anti- Valentine’s day commuters.  Jeff got off at Park Street to meet his ride, and I went home.  I wasn’t sure if I’d see him again, but I definitely wanted to, so the next day I sent him a picture of my favorite conversation heart, with his name replacing the pet name.

I dig Degas Jeff

Today Jeff and I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the day we met!  I couldn’t be happier!

Oh, and the lesson:  ALWAYS go on the dates that you don’t want to go on!  When your expectations are rock bottom, the reality can only be infinitesimally better.


Castle on a Cloud

Unemployment Series 2 (2)Sometimes your sketchbook paintings end up reminding you of something you didn’t know you needed to be reminded of.  And that’s why the creative habit is so amazing.

Sketching with watercolor

Colosseum Forum wc (2)

I’ve always been drawn to watercolor that is very minimalist.  It’s like poetry in a way; the artists who can convey emotions or a story using the fewest brush strokes are by far the most impressive ones.  With that in mind, this is my watercolor interpretation of a photo that I took walking from the Forum to the Colosseum in Rome.  Hope you like it!

The first of a series

Unemployment Series 1 (2)

Here’s a mini from my sketchbook.  My recent state of unemployment has me feeling very creative.  Or bored and restless… either way, expect many more paintings in the near future!

Nostalgia: A Paradoxical First Post

Sketchbook Schedule


Don’t you love when things are so brand new and exciting?  Like when you’re so excited to start school (for something you’ll actually enjoy) that you watercolor your schedule into your sketchbook?  I do.

A year can do so many things.